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in acchord

In Acchord is a mixed vocal ensemble of 7 singers, and has been performing across Pennsylvania since 1996, in the past numbering as many as 14 singers. Even through its membership changes (due to marriages, graduations, relocations to other states and countries, etc.), In Acchord has maintained its diversity, both in membership and musical variety. As for its musical taste, In Acchord has none... rather, no defining style.

Patty Conlon
Patty Conlon returns to In Acchord after a 10 year hiatus during which she lived in New England, married, produced a son, Zach, and a daughter, Meghan. Coming back to In Acchord is like coming home. Patty works as an occupational therapist as her day job, and also takes the reins to pimp out the group to anyone who will listen. Patty and family live in Greentree, where she doubles as Girl Scout co-leader, little league fan, and "Mom-taxi".
Roland Hess
Roland is a software developer, specializing in user experience engineering. He's married, has a couple kids, a little dog, a mini-minivan and lives in the icy cold hinterlands of Northern Allegheny County. In addition to singing with In Acchord, he also performs locally as an accompanist, organist, and ensemble woodwind player. His favorite food (right now) is Thai fried duck salad, and his "guilty pleasure" website is Roland is In Acchord's musical director.
Derek Johns
After taking a short (10 or so year) sabbatical, Derek is back in his favorite a cappella group, In Acchord. His time off was eventful (including getting married and growing his family in the northern tundra/suburbs of Pittsburgh), but he's definitely excited to be singing again. Derek is a lyric baritone (which loosely translates to "sings whatever part is left after the easy parts are taken"), but when he's back in the real world, he works as a technology solution architect. Derek is an avid fan of the Steelers, the Penguins, and, by marriage, Duke Blue Devils basketball.
Dan Klein
As the oldest and longest-serving member of In Acchord, Daniel Klein is shown no deference whatsoever by his fellow singers - basses never get any respect. Dan earns his living as a computer scientist, but stays sane as a singer, composer, photographer, comedy improviser, and by driving his three cats crazy with a laser pointer. He and his wife live in Squirrel Hill, where they host regular rehearsals and occasional house concerts. His favorite food is "food". Dan is In Acchord's resident benevolent dictator.
Justin Los
Justin is the youngest member of the group and he tries to reign in his immature demeanor. He's quite happy acting as the group's main punching bag, but occasionally steps up to the plate to produce (hopefully) sonorous solo work. He spends his days as an independent insurance agent, marketer, part-time student, paranormal investigator, and slightly-insane coffee-guzzler. He often worries about floods occurring at his house in Millvale, but adores being so close to Pittsburgh.
Audra Snyder
Audra moonlights as a mezzo-soprano with In Acchord, an entertaining departure from her real life’s work in early childhood education at CMU. She is the token Pittsburgh transplant of the group, originally hailing from New York, and continues to advocate for the necessity of the verb "to be". Now, she lives with her husband and cat in a townhouse on the outskirts of Churchill. Audra is first-aid and CPR-certified, an expert in emergency gig preparedness and is acting "Team Mom" for the group.
Addi Twig
Addi Twigg is an alto for In Acchord and makes up an entire half of local pop comedy duo Bait & Switch. By trade, Addi is a business analyst for an insurance company. She has a "Terrible" habit of doing Steelers parodies on the side, including "Steeler Ladies" in 2008. Addi pretends to be a singer/songwriter, but typically puts that on hold if she can find a decent karaoke night. She and her husband have a humble home on top of the hill in Stanton Heights with a not-so-humble view of our beloved city.